password generator progressive-web-app


Back in 2015 I wrote a javascript-based password generator that I turned into a drag-and-droppable bookmarklet, which is a tool that I still use today.

However, as we move forward I found myself signing up for more and more accounts using my mobile device, which doesn’t have support for bookmarklets in the same way that a desktop does.

I also got fed up with having to sign into my password manager on my mobile every time I wanted to generate a new password.

So, after seeing a talk at Brighton PHP on progressive web-apps by Rowan Merewood, I decided to create a new password generator, specifically for mobile devices.

Check it out here. Source code available here.

Check out my original post from 2015 here.

Here is the original bookmarklet, drag it into your bookmarks to use it: [PwGen].

See the PwGen app on

Screenshot from PwGen on a mobile device